Superior Athlete (Ages 13-18)

AGES 13-18

Small group setting, that is coaching intensive for the middle school and high school aged athlete. The goal of this program is to progressively train the basics and fundamentals of strength and conditioning, while teaching athlete life lessons and promoting a healthy lifestyle into young adulthood.

Each session will begin with injury prevention mobility, followed by Power expression, movement, strength, and conditioning. We begin and end each session with our core values, nutrition information, and asking our clients what they are thankful for.

Programs Offered

Monthly: 1x/week

This monthly membership is our basic plan and for those who may already be adding another type of strength and conditioning program to their routine.

Membership includes: Monthly rate of $150 for 5 classes a month.

Monthly: 2x/week

This is our most popular plan and for athletes who understand the importance of consistency and continued progress.

Membership includes: Monthly rate of $250 for 9 classes a month.

Monthly: Unlimited

The unlimited plan is for athletes who want to see the largest improvement in the shortest amount of time. The athletes that train 3+ days a week see significantly better results. This is the most popular plan in the off-season and summer.

Membership includes: Monthly rate of $350 a month.

Drop-In Rate

Just dropping in for a session? Use the link below to purchase a single session if you have exceeded your monthly allowance, or just attending an extra class.