FUNdamental Athlete

AGES 6-13

An introductory program aimed at the 6-13 year old with a wide base of closely monitored body weight movements. They are challenged with foundational athletic strategies that directly carry over to sport and physical literacy. Engaging and challenging activities take place in an environment that fosters a healthy lifestyle and athletic development.

Each session will focus on teaching 1 of the 7 fundamental movement patterns (squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull, carry, balance). Its typically structured strength work, manual labor type movement, or fundamental athletic skills like locomotion, stability, or manipulation.

Programs Offered


Teaching athletes is a long, patient process. Everything we do is built on LTAD, Long Term Athletic Development so we have intentionally created 5-6 week seasonal programs. This is for the off-season AND the in-season athlete that is keeping strength as the underlying base to any sport they are playing.

These programs are UNLIMITED sessions so your athlete can get the most out of our program.

Winter Session 2

1/27/2020 to 3/7/2020


This monthly membership is our basic plan and for those who may already be adding another type of strength and conditioning program to their routine.

Membership includes: Monthly rate of $125 for 5 classes a month.

Drop-In Rate

Just dropping in for a session? Use the link below to purchase a single session if you have exceeded your monthly allowance, or just attending an extra class.