Little Ninjas (Ages 6-9)

AGES 6-9

An introductory program designed for the 6-9 year old with a focus on guided discovery and spatial awareness. The athletes are learning to use their body in space and work on object manipulation.

The goal is to foster an environment where the athlete loves being active and participating in sport for life. We incorporate games and use co-creation to give them ownership in their development and prepare them for the next level of training.

Programs Offered

Monthly: 1x/week

This monthly membership is our basic plan and for those who may already be adding another type of strength and conditioning program to their routine.

Membership includes: Monthly rate of $60 for 5 classes a month.

Drop-In Rate

Just dropping in for a session? Use the link below to purchase a single session if you have exceeded your monthly allowance, or just attending an extra class.