Memberships and Pricing

Our mission is simple: help athletes and parents of all ages to combine education, health, and training in a space you can connect with those around you. 

Youth Sports Performance

Little Ninjas (ages 6-9)

An introductory program designed for the 6-9 year old with a focus on guided discovery and spatial awareness. The athletes are learning to use their body in space and work on object manipulation.

The goal is to foster an environment where the athlete loves being active and participating in sport for life. We incorporate games and use co-creation to give them ownership in their development and prepare them for the next level of training.

Fundamental Athlete (ages 10-13)

A transitional program aimed at the 10-13 year old with a wide base of closely monitored body weight movements. They are challenged with foundational athletic strategies that directly carry over to sport and physical literacy. Engaging and challenging activities take place in an environment that fosters a healthy lifestyle and athletic development.

Each session will focus on teaching 1 of the 7 fundamental movement patterns (squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull, carry, balance). Its typically structured strength work, manual labor type movement, or fundamental athletic skills like locomotion, stability, or object manipulation.

Superior Athlete (ages 13-18)
Small group setting, that is coaching intensive for the middle school and high school aged athlete. The goal of this program is to progressively train the basics and fundamentals of strength and conditioning, while teaching athlete life lessons and promoting a healthy lifestyle into young adulthood.

Each session will begin with injury prevention mobility, followed by Power expression, movement, strength, and conditioning. We begin and end each session with our core values, nutrition information, and asking our clients what they are thankful for.

Junior / College / Prep (ages 17+)
This program is ideal for college-aged athletes already with a strength and conditioning baseline to help them continue their training in the off-season or on seasonal breaks. Heart rate monitoring and velocity based training are used to individualize programs.

Team Training
Workouts are designed to safely and effectively progress 15-30 athletes through age appropriate training. Performance during competition will be improved by hard work, and communication, while simultaneously decreasing the likelihood of overuse injury. Team Training is offered for in-season as well as off-season. Please email us at for more information or questions.

Adult General Fitness

This small group setting with the goal to make you happier, healthier, and more energetic. It’s perfect for those focusing on fat loss and general fitness. We focus on teaching you the proper techniques to help you continue down your path of fitness goals. You’ll be empowered and inspired to reach your goals and guided in nutritional balance.

Professional Athletes

This small group setting is reserved for athletes playing at the highest level in their chosen sport. Heart rate monitoring and velocity based training are used to individualize programs, keep athletes working in optimal ranges and promote faster recovery.